Self-Titled Demo

by Busse & the Vibes

This album is the culmination of 3 years hard-work, song-writing, band changing, life growing, figuring out how stuff works, loving, losing, giving, receiving, learning, changing. Busse & the Vibes self-titled full-length album delves into blues and funk, jazz and psychedelic jam.


released January 1, 2016

Photo taken by Katelyn Meowchan
Photo editing by Cristina Bayne
Drums by Kyle Cappelli
Bass by Ryan Lewis
Guitars by Jordan Broek, John Busse
Vocals by John Busse, Ryan Lewis
Engineering done by Joseph Markey (Floodgate Studios Bound Brook NJ) 
-Nighthawk, Ignition, Taking Water, Tali
Engineered by John Busse at home
-Out to Sea, One Step, Effervescent, Lure In
Mixing/Mastering by John Busse