Raja Ram on Music, Energy, and Love


I'd like to share this video with everyone who holds music as a dear part of their life, their soul, their heart. Raja Ram of Shpongle and so many other projects has travelled the world dedicating his life to music and learning and sharing his good time with the world. Listening to him talk makes me comprehend my existence here, as a being as well as a musician as well as a listener! Time is limited, life is what we make it! For every dream crusher in this world, there is inspiration that is a thousand times stronger to help us bring those dreams to reality. I hope you will join me and my band as we pursue our musical dreams together, and I hope you pursue your hearts desire in life so long as it is safe and fun and good vibes! Much love! Om Namah Shivaya!

Please comment and share your love of music and your inspiration and your dreams!

-John Busse