Vibing in DC

Busse&theVibes. Old Bay Restaurant, New Brunswick NJ. Photo: Kelly Gaffney.  

Busse&theVibes. Old Bay Restaurant, New Brunswick NJ. Photo: Kelly Gaffney.  

The adventure really started with our Busse & the Vibes gig Friday Oct 13th at the Old Bay restaurant. A totally thrilling night of performing for the best #vibetribe audience a Busse could ask for. Going late into the night in an after-party on the sidewalk, i set the precedent for Saturday. Waking up late, doing some work, and that night sitting in on a few tunes with Milan and Adam of AM Radio at Teylev in Somerville on my way to the train station.

Catching a 9pm train to Newark Penn, I proceeded to catch up with drummer John Gallagher in Hoboken and then ultimately to my long time friends place in Jersey City. Chilling with them, I found myself again in the wee hours of the morning and at a quarter to 5am I was hopping on the Path train, back to Newark Penn to catch a train that by luck it was running later than I was. After transferring in Trenton, I arrived in Philly and made my way to the Greyhound Terminal.

A cool easy 2 hour bus ride found me in Baltimore where I met up with my Uncle. We investigated some live music venues in Fells Point, an area I hadn’t been before in the city. I found the vibes there to be very inviting, and could see myself enjoying an evening of music and carousing.

A visit to Baltimore’s AVAM was quite rewarding, and a highly recommended stop to anyone in the city.

From there, I rode with Uncle to the DC area, where I am currently, building the #vibetribe connection here as well  

Monday, after a little exploration and busking at George Washington University, I met up with bass player R. Lewis who also chose this week to visit DC with his girlfriend by coincidence. Grabbing dinner and then drinks, we met an Australian fellow from Perth with whom we shared many conversations about the similarities and differences between our parts of the world. If you call cookies biscuits, then wtf do you call biscuits?? He’d never had a biscuit the way I know a biscuit to be.

Staying overnight in the city, its day two of adventure today. Stay Tuned!

ps Been reading up about busking laws and some controversy here:


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